The diagnosis of atopic dermatitis (AD) remains primarily a clinical diagnosis, in which several clinical signs and symptoms including pruritus, the presence and location of skin lesions, and a personal or family history of atopic conditions are used to facilitate a diagnosis. In recent decades, several well-established sets of criteria have been developed to aid diagnosis. With increased awareness of AD and the recent development of systemic immunomodulators to treat the condition, there exists a need to further define and consolidate the current diagnostic criteria while refining our current understanding of the clinical features of AD. We propose a novel, simplified set of criteria that comprises the clinical features generally considered to be essential for a confirmed diagnosis of AD, together with features previously regarded as having less clinical significance. It is essential, however, that any refinements to the diagnostic criteria for AD are made alongside regular updates of treatment guidelines so that these also reflect current developments. In this regard, the current guidelines in the United States are lacking and should be updated. 

O artigo propõe a atualização dos critérios de diagnóstico da dermatite atópica e do seu manejo de uma forma simplificada que reflita as últimas descobertas.  


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